Pickup of a Child

To ensure the safety of the children attending the child care facility, the center has established the following procedures for the pickup of a child from its facility: Only the parent or an authorized adult (18 years or older) designated by the parent may pick up a child.

pickup of a child
pickup of a child

We require that you or an authorized adult accompany your child into the program at arrival and departure times. Please use the center’s app and sign time-in and time-out on the attendance sheet in the center. There is a space for parents’ notes on the attendance sheet to record any messages to staff concerning your child. It is the parent responsibility to be sure that a teacher is aware of the child’s arrival.


If the children are not in the classroom at the time of arrival or departure (for example, on the playground) the teachers will carry the sign in sheet with them. Please directly approach the teacher to complete sign in or sign out prior to leaving your child or taking them from the center.

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The parent must inform the center in advance if someone other than the parent will pick up the child. If the parent has not provided the center with such information, the child will not be released to the individual(s), and the parent will be notified.