Philosophy / Mission Statement

Spreading childcare (the center) is a faith-based organization built on integrity and trust to ensure those in our care receive the best services possible. Licensed and fully insured, the purpose of the center is to provide quality childcare services to prepare children for kindergarten and free assistance to the community and the youth after school with life mentorship, counseling, and the skills to strengthen mathematics, ESL, and foreign languages such as French.

Children with Special Needs

The center is willing to provide care for children with special needs.

The Center’s Director and Lead Teachers have educational background in special needs.


Child care will be provided by the following individual(s) with the following qualifications:

Megan McLeod – Director of the Youth Department :

Bachelors of Science in Psychology focused in Family Studies from Central Michigan University.

Deanna Smolinski,

Program Director of Spreading Childcare in Romulus, has CDA credential, plus over 4300 hours of experience and Training

Licensed And Insured Daycare

a)Staff Screening Procedure

In order to comply with licensing regulations, each staff member gets a federal background check as well as a comprehensive fingerprint background check with the state of Michigan before starting employment for the center, the same procedure happens with volunteers before they enter the center. Each staff also has to sign a child abuse/neglect paperwork and provide proof of current tuberculosis screening records, CPR/First Aid and blood pathogen training records. Volunteers and staff with a record of child abuse won’t be allowed. Felons will be watched on camera; the center has video footage and they won’t be left alone with children.  

Staff will be required to produce a negative Covid test 1-3 days before starting employment, temperature screening every morning and random Covid testing may be required throughout the school year.

b) Ongoing Training for Staff

Ongoing professional development opportunities for teachers and staff are provided by the contractors and occur throughout the year. Teachers are provided opportunities to attend Early Childhood Conferences and trainings on an annual basis.

All staff is trained on the following topics:All staff is trained on the following topics

·Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

·First Aid

·Blood borne Pathogens

·Know ledge of Evacuation Procedures

·Identifying Signs & Symptoms of Child Abuse and Neglect

·Shaken Baby & Safe Sleep (infant teachers only)


c)Smoking Policy

According to State guidelines, smoking is prohibited in all licensed child care centers including outdoor areas.


Holidays, Vacations, Miscellaneous Closings

The center may not provide child care on the following federal holidays: Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Memorial Day, Christmas day and the 4th of July. If your enrolled child needs child care service, the center should be open and provide the service for your child. The parent must provide the center with 2 weeks advance written notice of expected family vacations; this can be done using the center’s app.

Normal business hours will be observed during the following holidays/breaks: Mid-winter break and spring break. In the event of scheduled closure, the parents will be notified 2 weeks ahead. Also, the child care fees will be adjusted proportionately for the days during which the center is closed. The parent is responsible for arranging alternate child care during the center’s closure and for emergency closings due to severe weather.